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New single & album
June 2022

The Politics of Dancing 2CD

(Cherry Red Records 2019)




01. Mindless Dancing
02. Bop Bop
03. Praying To The Beat (original version)
04. Love Sucks
05. Graffiti
06. Hurt (Maison Rouge)
07. Looney Tune
08. Love At First Sight
09. Alright On The Night
10. Hit Line (original version)
11. Mechanical Music
12. Knock It
13 This Beat
14. Dub Dub Dancing

A collection of Re-Flex’s early studio tracks some featuring original band members Francois Craig (bass) and Mark King (drums). The album includes songs that were regularly performed live during this period and also early versions of tracks that appeared on The Politics of Dancing album.

Recorded in London and produced by the band with Nik Launay and Rafe McKenna, Movement includes songs that started the buzz and attracted the attention of Re-Flex's early fans, clubs and music press. Some were performed on radio sessions or available as limited edition Flexi discs but were never officially released.
Mindless Dancing was the first song Re-Flex ever recorded. Considered by the band to be the starting point, anthem and state of mind.  “Love at First Sight” and “This Beat” were recorded for the bands first video.

Available within the Re-Fuse 6 CD Boxset + Download


01. Praying To The Beat

02. Hit Line

03. Hurt

04. Couldn't Stand A Day

05. The Politics Of Dancing

06. Something About You

07. Pointless

08. Jungle

09. Sensitive

10. Keep In Touch


Originally released in 1983 by Parlophone Records in the UK and Capitol in the US. Both album and single achieved international success, first breaking in the US and then became hits in Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Israel  and South Africa.  The 12" mix was one of the first UK artsts to top the US dance charts. Produced by legendary UK John Punter  whose credits included Roxy Music and Japan, five of the tracks were released as singles.
Re-Flex supported the release of the album by touring in Europe and America, joining the Police on their last US tour and were one of the first UK bands to be regularly featured on MTV.
All tracks were re-mastered for this CD which features additional artwork and updated sleeve notes.

Available within the Re-Fuse 6 CD Boxset



Announced by EMI, Humanication was the eagerly awaited second album but was never officially released by the record company and regarded by fans as a ‘lost album’. Following the second tour of America, Re-Flex returned to the studio to work again with John Punter but although the album was completed it remained unreleased. Humanication also features mixes by legendary engineer producer Bob Clearmountain and an appearance by Sting on the anthem and ecological protest song "How Much Longer?"
Mastered from the original tapes.

Available within the Re-Fuse 6 CD Boxset + Download


01. Humanication
02. Cold War
03. Tears Fall Like Rain
04. Forever And Ever
05. Playing For Time
06. How Much Longer
07. Sending Out A Message
08. Tell Her That You Love Her
09. Give It Up
10. You And I


Music Reaction 04edit (resized).jpg


A compilation of extended mixes & rare tracks released while Re-Flex were signed to EMI.
During the 80’s they were among the early UK bands to produce 12” mixes and topped the US Dance charts with The Politics of Dancing.  This CD includes remixed versions of some of their 12” tracks.
The album also features 5 songs that are rare B sides intended for an unreleased EP. The track Cut It was featured in the film Breakdance, released on the multi platinum selling soundtrack album.

​Available within the Re-Fuse 6 CD Boxset + Download


01. The Politics Of Dancing 12"
02. Cut It 12"
03. Praying To The Beat 12"
04. True Lust
05. Hurt 12"
06. Hit Line 12"
07. Jungle 12"
08. What You Deserve
09. Flex It 12"
10. Cruel World


After leaving EMI, Re-Flex commenced writing and recording new material intended for an album entitled "Jamming the Broadcast". The album represents their last period of work together and includes songs never performed live.
During this period Re-Flex began exploring new methods to create and record music which resulted in a wealth of ideas and material.

Fourteen new songs are featured on this album which was co-produced by Re-Flex, mixed by John Punter and Pete Smith.

Revolution Now & Life's too Dangerous (available on the Re-Fuse album) were written for the film Superman IV.

Available within the Re-Fuse 6 CD Boxset + Download


01. Ain't Nobody
02. Down On Your Luck
03. Revolution Now
04. Wrong Decision
05. Jamming The Broadcast
06. Can You Feel it
07. Angry Man
08. Mystery
09. When Did You Stop Loving Me
10. It's Only Me
11. Recognise Yourself
12. Chain Reaction
13. Hide Your Love
14. Reach Out



01. The Politics Of Dancing (alt)

02. New Progression

03. Life's Too Dangerous

04. The Look

05. Praying To The Beat

06. King Of No One

07. Life In The Lay-By

08. Over The Top

09. Alright On The Night [V2]

10. Wizz Kid

11. Human Rights

12. Hit Line Video MIX

13. Something About You (Orig)

14. I Saw Her Standing

15. Mindless Dancing - MK BB

The Re-Fuse Boxset:







This album available within the Re-Fuse CD Boxset and download. It is a collection of Re-Flex rarities and previously unreleased material.

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