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Guitars & Vocals

Met Paul through their connection with producer/engineer Nick Launay and became an integral part of Re-Flex. Following the bands two US tours and success he moved to Los Angeles where he has continued to live and work as a writer producer.

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Keyboards, electronics & Vocals

At the age of 19 Warner Bros released his first album. Studied composition at the Guildhall London, then became established as a session musician and began to produce records.

Formed Re-Flex with Baxter & Craig and wrote most of the groups songs. Later, Paul continued to work with many artists including Public Image Ltd. He has has composed and mixed music for films and produced many artist including remixes for Motown of Marvin Gaye & The Temptations.

In 2019 Paul will release the first part of a solo album called “It’s About Time” with part 2 available in Spring 2020. For more details see here.  

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Drums, percusion & Vocals

Before joining Re-Flex, Roly had met Paul as they were in a funk rock band called Gallery. An experienced musician who had already played with many local Harrow bands.  Having replaced Mark King, Roly was keen to explore the possibilities of using technology to enhance the music and together with Paul created a musical connection and new direction for the band’s sound.

Roly became established as a session musician, making records with many artists including Gary Moore, Morrisey, Mori Kante (Yeki Yeki), Aha, Rick Astley and Gilbert O'Sullivan.  He was closely involved with the development of electronic instruments for Simmons drums and samplers for Akai. He later became an accomplished graphic designer and art restorer.

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Joined Re-Flex after Francois Craig’s departure, recommended by Thomas Dolby as they had both been members of Bruce Woolly & the Camera Club. After Re-Flex Nigel has continued to work as session musician and perform live. He has also became a voice artist for advertising & media.

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Francois Craig

Bass & Vocals

Francois, along with Baxter was a founding member who played and recorded with Re-Flex during the early years. He also contributed as a writer to the bands songs, performed on the first session for Capital Radio and videos. An original and unique musician who after leaving the band became an acomplished pedal steel guitarist and a member of The Diablos. 


Mark King


Became an early member of Re-Flex, joining the band as its drummer when rehearsals first began. Having demonstrated both the veracious power of his drumming and humour was very welcomed. Mark played on some of their first recordings but never performed live as he left Re-Flex to pursue a somewhat successful career as a bass player within Level 42.

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The Boys

These were the electronic devices that Re-Flex used, two sequencers connected by an umbilical cord. They joined the band and became an important part after Francois left in that they created new possibilities which changed their sound and approach to performing live.